Yes. Millions of people use LinkedIn to find jobs and network, and in 2013, the site lowered its minimum user age to 14. Since then, more and more teens are taking advantage of LinkedIn to find jobs and connect with potential colleges.

As a student, you can use LinkedIn to:

  • Show colleges and potential employers the career path you’re interested in
  • Find and apply to job postings
  • Network with employers, teachers, professionals, and personal contacts
  • Showcase your skills and personality

LinkedIn works like an evolving résumé. It allows you to show off your skills in an in-depth way.

How to use LinkedIn to your advantage:

  1. Start by uploading a profile pic. It doesn’t have to be super professional, but keep it well lit, close up, and in front of a neutral background.
  2. Create a headline to sum up who you are and what you’re after. For example: “Aspiring writer and animal lover.”
  3. Write a brief summary about yourself, your interests, and your goals.
  4. List your work experience and achievements. For example: captain of the soccer team, photographer for the school newspaper, employee of the month.
  5. Add pictures or videos of your work and link to anything you’ve had published online (your soccer blog, for example).
  6. Get and make endorsements and recommendations. Ask teachers, employers, or friends to write recommendations about what it’s like to work with you (in class, at a job, on projects) and recommend them, too. You can also endorse your contacts for their skills and hope they’ll endorse you in return.
  7. Follow companies, colleges, and universities you’re interested in so you can get updates about openings and events.
  8. Follow up on in-person meetings with a LinkedIn request. Did you meet with a college admissions counselor? Or have an internship interview? Send them a LinkedIn request—you’ll show you’re serious about making a connection and it’ll help you show off your accolades.

A LinkedIn profile checklist for high school students.